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Version 0.81
Friday December 12th 2008, 8:28 pm
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Finally, I added my 2 own hero’s sprites, and an option to switch between them… but I think the most cute one is the default one ^^,┬áthe most little..

First release
Monday December 08th 2008, 12:42 pm
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Today is the starting point of my new little game: Bullet Master. It’s a flash (lite) crossover between Mastermind and a shooter.

I was searching an idea to create a “turn by turn” shoot-them-up game since years and years, and I found this concept… in a dream ! I was playing exactly this game. When I woke up, I immediatly started the development :D.

Because I am not a great graphist, I am using a lot of public domain ressources. You can find all the references in the “Credits” section, inside game.

I am still using ONE “not free” ressource… the sprite of the hero.. I will try to find (or make) a new one soon.

More to come soon… feel free to comment here ^^.